Collaborating Suppliers

Updated: December 11, 2023


At Atomicles, we value strategic partnerships with leading nanomaterial suppliers to expand and enhance the selection on our platform. Aiming to showcase over 10,000 products in our initial catalog, in alignment with our mission, we are currently indexing materials from recognized brands across the globe. This process is ongoing as we continuously update our catalog with new and diverse offerings.



  • GemChem
  • GetNano


  • Evonik
  • High Tech Nano
  • SoNano


  • Maestro Nano


  • Alzuma

United Kingdom

  • Advanced Plasma Nanopowders

United States

  • NanoAmor
  • Somaterials
  • Tubes Please


We continually expand our brand network. More suppliers joining soon.


Interested in increasing your brands visibility?

If you provide high-quality nanomaterials, contact us to discuss adding your catalog to Atomicles and boosting your market presence.

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