Oocap - Your Global Partner

Founded in 2010, Oocap has emerged as a significant leader in the nanomaterials industry. Our global presence extends across North America (United States), Europe (France), and Asia (China), reflecting our international reach.

We specialize in high-quality nanopowders and powders, offering a wide range of products including dispersions, pastes, crystals, and more, to meet diverse application needs.

Our nanomaterials expertise allows us to innovate with various elements, alloys, and compounds, tailoring them to nano and micro-sizes, and producing a variety of structures such as nanoparticles, nanotubes, and nanowires.

At Oocap, your unique needs inspire our innovation. With the ability to customize material, form, structure, purity, size, treatment, solvent, and more, we invite you to explore possibilities with us. Connect with us for tailored solutions that fit your exact requirements.

Oocap isn't just about manufacturing; we are your global partner in the materials universe. Our network spans across:

  • International Trade
  • Manufacturing Excellence
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Targeted Marketing & Sales
  • Personalized Customer Support
  • Expert Logistics, including Hazardous Material Services

Our commitment to quality has made us a reliable partner in various sectors - from research and manufacturing to education and innovation. At Oocap, we value each customer as a partner, committed to building lasting relationships. Try us, and see for yourself.

Proudly, we unveil Atomicles - an innovative marketplace designed to optimize your time and resources. Envisioned as a comprehensive platform, Atomicles aims to index an extensive array of materials, enabling easy comparison and efficient real-time market interactions.

Learn more about Project Atomicles and how it can transform your experience.


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